Elsah Landing Restaurant Cookbook Heartland Cooking St. Louis

The owners of former restaurant Elsah Landing in St. Louis published this Elsah Landing Restaurant Heartland Cooking cookbook. The restaurant was a favorite for social lunches and dubbed so by St. Louis Magazine. This is a popular restaurant cookbook collectible! 


Format: Hardcover spiral bound, 209 pages. 

Copyright: 1984 

Publisher: Chicago Review Press 

Author: Helen Crafton and Dorothy Lindgren 

ISBN: 9780960615018

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Description: It has been three years since our first cookbook, and we have baked and simmered our way into another one. 

Since that time, we have opened another restaurant, this one in St. Louis, sort of a city cousin to our country place in lllinois. We serve the same food, but the bakers have to come in even earlier now to bake the breads and pies and load them on the truck for the city. 

We now feel we have the best of both worlds for you. If you're in a shopping mood, you can have lunch at our city place in Plaza Frontenac, dubbed by St. Louis Magazine as "the best place for a social lunch"f you're in the mood for a lazy drive along the Mississippi River, you can come to our country place in the historic village of Elsah, llinois and enjoy a step back in time...or, as St. Louis Magazine also put it, the best place for love in the afternoon." 

We have included four sections in this cookbook, just as we did in the first book. The first three sections -- breads, soups and desserts -- are all recipes we use in the restaurants. The fourth section of menus consists of recipes we use when we're entertaining at home. 

All of the recipes in Heartland Cooking are new, except for one "old favorite in each of the first three sections. 

It may be helpful to remind you here, if you have not read our first book, that bread is not difficult to make, contrary to all the tales you may have heard. The only thing you really have to be careful to do is keep the temperature of the liquids you use below 85°C The rising dough should also be put in an area that does not go above 85°C. 

We have made every effort to make this book easy to use. The print, we feel, is large enough so that you can read it from a standing position while you are cooking, instead of having to grab the book and find your place after each ingredient. You also do not have to turn a page for the rest of the recipe which is the main cause of greasy fingerprints and splattered pages! 

We take you step by step through each procedure, so that even the novice cook can have great results. 

Our recipes are gathered from all over. Customers bring us some, others have been in the family for years, and still others we find in magazines, newspapers and books. We always test them and usually make our own adjustments. 


Condition: Cover has some rubbing and edge wear. There is a small crack in spiral binding comb. Further good condition. 

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