Elena's Famous Mexican and Spanish Recipes Cookbook

Vintage cookbook, Elena's Famous Mexican and Spanish Recipes Cookbook is a popular cooking resource. In it you'll find dishes such as Tortilla Hash, Mexican Country Style Roast and Shrimp Fritters Mexican Style.  Published in 1944, the book remains popular with cooks to this day. This is the 1969 printing of the cookbook. 


Format: Paperback spiral bound, 127 pages 

Copyright: 1969 

Publisher: Elena Zelayeta 

Author: Elena Zelayeta 

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Description: Elena, born in Mexico City, spent her childhood in the little mining town El Mineral del Oro (The Gold Mine) where her parents were the village inn-keepers. It was in this setting Elena learned the magic of foods. 

After she had come with her parents to the United States, had married, borne two sons, and owned her own restaurant, she lost her sight. Those were tragic days for Elena, days of bitterness, financial worry, groping in the darkness. Then she began to think. She made up her mind she would not penalize her loved ones for her misfortune. To this tremendous problem she applied the same determination that she had used in overcoming other obstacles -- the depression, for example, when her magic cooking fingers had helped them through. 

Elena's Famous Mexican and Spanish Recipes Cookbook of her own much-used recipes is just one expression of Elena's love of people, her knowledge of how to make them happy. Each recipe is a shining star of courage, faith and hope, plus a full measure of gastronomic enjoyment for you who use them. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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