Eggs I Have Known Cookbook - Vintage Silent Movie Actress Corinne Griffith

Popular 1920's silent screen actress Corinne Griffith published her recipes in this Eggs I Have Known cookbook. Chapters include all types of dishes from meats to desserts. Greta Garbo's Swedish-Irish Potatoes, Caviar Omelette and more are found in this vintage 1955 cookbook from the most beautiful actress of the silent screen. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 230 pages 

Copyright: 1955. First printing 

Publisher: Farrar, Strauss and Cudahy 

Author: Corinne Griffith 

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Description: "You should gather recipes wherever you go!" said the proprietor of a Mexican cafe to Corinne Griffith: In the lush days of motion pictures, when Marlene Dietrich introduced women's slacks and Norma Shearer built a swimming pool on the beach of the Pacific, when Greta Garbo made gauntness synonymous with glamour and Gloria Swanson refused to sign a contract for $17,500 a week, Corinne Griffith (earning a paltry $10,000 a week) was the owner of a yacht ninety-nine and one half feet long. 

Since then Miss Griffith has been everywhere and met everybody. She has an eye for unusual detail as well as for food (the recipes are not confined to what to do with eggs), and she tells entertainingly of famous people and places in this combination deluxe cookbook and somewhat impish reminiscence. 

The first recipe, given by Evalyn Walsh McLean on the promise that it would not be printed until after Mrs. McLean's death, is for "Caviar Omelette." A memory of Lady Mendl introduces the chapter on Hors d'oeuvres, and Portagee Joe of the San Francisco waterfront ushers in Soups with his "Shrimp Bisque." Among the Fish you will find Fanchon and Marco's "Dancing Sole," and the Meats include Madame V. K. Wellington Koo's favorite "Ginger Pork." Fowl are treated at length, as are dressings and stuffings. The chapter on Vegetables is filled with rarities like "French Fried Watercress" and the Great Garbo's "Swedish-Irish Potatoes." The "Hush Puppies" of the Culpeppers of Virginia introduce Breads. 

There are chapters on Cheese and Desserts (including a fascinating array of sweet sauces), a separate chapter on Pies, one on Cakes and Cookies, and a few "brews" -- all interspiced with anecdotes. The accent is on the unusual, but the recipes are set down with precision and care. The souffle gets attention but so does good honest bread. Here is a happy and gracious book of cookery. 

About Corinne Griffith

Corinne Griffith, once known as "the orchid of the screen," has had a broader professional career than is indicated by the often-used phrase that she was once a "star of the silver screen." Not only is she the author of three books (one headed for film production), but also a successful real estate operator in Beverly Hills and, as the wife of George Marshall, owner of the Washington Redskins, a part-time football fan. Miss Griffith was born in Waco, Texas, the youngest of four children. Her parents were John Lewis Griffith, son of a Virginia Methodist minister, and Ambolyn Ghio, a Texan of Italian descent. Miss Griffith had to drop out of school when she was thirteen because, at that time, her father's health failed. Shortly after her father died, her mother took Miss Griffith and her elder sister, Augusta, to Santa Monica, California, to live. One night, the sisters went to a dance hall and there Corinne Griffith won a beauty prize which was suddenly to change the whole course of her life. A judge of the contest was a motion picture director and, as a result of the publicity she got as winner, he awarded her a small role in one of his films. She skyrocketed to stardom. 


Condition: Bookboards and interior pages are in beautiful condition. Dust jacket's edge(s) has tears. 

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