Edna Eby Heller's Vintage Dutch Cookbook Booklet

Edna Eby Heller's Vintage Dutch Cookbook booklet was published in 1960. The cookbook contains Pennsylvania Dutch recipes. 


Format: Softcover, 64 pages. 

Copyright: 1960 

Publisher: The Veitch Printing Corporation 

Author: Edna Eby Heller 

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Description: Whenever you hear the call Koom essa, start running, for that is the call to a Pennsylvania Dutch meal where food is good and plentiful. 

The purpose of this book is to bring Pennsylvania Dutch cooking right to your own back door -- into your kitchen, if you please. Time was, just a little while back, when this was not possible. You see, Dutch housewives have learned the art of cooking by long experience. They add water to flour and shortening until it "feels just right." Grandma was a good cook and I loved to watch her "stir up" cookies. I asked "How do you know how much milk to add, Grandma?" Her answer was, "'Til it's just so!" Mother's answers were just as vague. When I wondered how much shortening she used, the answer would be, "Oh, about like an egg." She didn't even say whether that was a jumbo or a pullet egg! 

That was the hard way. You can learn the easier way. I've listened, watched, tasted and then counted, measured and tested with the idea that Pennsylvania Dutch Cookery was to be made practical for this generation of cookbook cooks. Each of the recipes in this volume has been standardized just for you. 

The recipes have been gathered from various counties as each section of the Dutch territory seems to have its own likes and dislikes. Carbon County prefers its own style of serving Schnitz un Gnepp with milk while Lebanon folks serve them with ham. Berks County cooks make pot pie light with baking powder but York cooks like it heavy. The saffron herb is treasured in Lancaster but despised in Kutztown. 

At the beginning of each group of recipes you will find a bit of lore that should make you feel at home among the Dutch. The recipes are tried and true favorites that your family will like. So now, when it makes your mouth water, get out the measuring cup and let's begin. 


Condition: Good condition. Cover has is a bit splotchy where the material is worn.

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