Edgewater Beach Hotel Salad Book Chicago

What a fantastic vintage cookbook find! This Edgewater Beach Hotel of Chicago Book of Salads cookbook is a 1946 edition. The hotel was famed for its salad dishes.


Format: Hardcover, 306 pages. 

Copyright: 1946 

Publisher: The Hotel Monthly Press 

Author: Arnold Shircliffe 

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Description: The Edgewater Beach Hotel of Chicago is famed for its wholesome salads; their variety, and pleasing combinations, are of the kind conducive to health for young and old. 

About a year ago we met at this hotel Arnold Shircliffe, its caterer, and saw his collection of salads and salad dressings in manuscript; these were kept in a loose-leaf binder for the information of the maitre d'hotel, his assistants, and the people employed in the salad pantries. 

We had heard many compliments of these salads, in particular, those of the kind suited for people on a diet, as it afforded patrons of the dining rooms opportunity for selecting foods best suited for them. We suggested to Mr. Shircliffe that he publish these salads, in particular, as a promoter of the habit of eating for health. He consented. 

When it came to illustrating the book, it was decided to have the pictures the most lifelike possible, and the beautiful illustrations that are inserted between these covers were made what is known as the four-color process, the plates made direct from the salads. The Manz Corporation, who specialize in fine color work, produced the inserts complete, and achieved wonderful results from these difficult subjects. 

The foods available for salads, mainly vegetables and fruits, are Nature's most prolific crops. Mr. Shircliffe, expounding the art of the salad maker, has interspersed thru his book interesting comments on the particular virtue of this or that ingredient or combination, and has produced the most complete work of its kind. The book should find a place in the library of every caterer; also is commended for the private home, and to all who are interested in the health of the Nation. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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