Eating-In-Bed Cookbook - Vintage 1962

Eating-In-Bed Cookbook is a vintage 1962 recipe book is a unique cookbook that contains recipes and wonderful illustrations by Texan author Barbara Ninde Byfield. This cookbook would be categorized as part of humorous cookbooks. 


Format: Hardcover, 103 pages 

Copyright: 1962 

Publisher: The Macmillan Company 

Author: Barbara Ninde Byfield 

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Description: Who eats in bed? Ha! Legions, that's who. An indulgence? You bet it is. Better than that, it's a whole new way of life. Difficult?  

You know, crumbs and all? Not a bit, as this volume makes clear: you don't cook there, of course, just eat and then drift off into perfect, blissful slumber. Turn back the bed, lay out your pajamas, lay out your knife and fork, and console yourself for the cares of the day. 

That's the author opposite, formally posed in her test bed, from which have come marvelous recipes from years of experience combining lire's three basic needs: sleeping, eating and indulging. 


Condition: Good condition interior. Jacket has some tears and creases mainly along jacket spine. 

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