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Film actor and comedian Dom DeLuise presents his recipes in this signed Eat This... It Will Make You Feel Better! cookbook. His family recipes are all shared here along with some favorite dishes from the actor's celebrity friends. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 238 pages

Copyright: 1988 

Publisher: Simon & Schuster, Inc. 

Author: Dom DeLuise 

ISBN: 9780671622107


Additional Details

Description: Eat This ... It Will Make You Feel Better! is not just a cookbook, it's a journey into the life and childhood of comedian/actor Dom DeLuise. Inspired by Mamma's very simple peasant cooking, Dom shares some treasured family recipes and recalls wonderful memories of growing up in Bensonhurst, an Italian section of Brooklyn. Dom tells us what it was like growing up with a sweet, loving mamma who would cook a five-course meal for you at the drop of a fork! Cooking is a hobby the DeLuise family takes seriously... and on these pages you'll experience Dom's humor and warmth, and Mamma's zest for living, loving, and sharing ... with food. 

Sprinkled with some recipes from Hollywood friends (some famous, and some just darned good cooks), DeLuise brings the best of both worlds into your kitchen. Anyone lucky enough to "break bread" with Dom will agree, Dom has a style in the kitchen that will keep you smiling, even while you're washing the pots! 


Condition: Good condition. 

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