Eat! Eat! Cookbook - Jewish Recipes from the Old Country

Eat! Eat! Cookbook - Jewish Recipes from the Old Country shares classic Jewish and Lithuanian dishes. Tsimmis, Kneidlach, Borscht and other coveted recipes are all here with 125 recipes in all. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 177 pages 

Copyright: 1995 

Publisher: Donald I. Fine 

Author: Ruth Kanin 

ISBN: 9781556114335

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Description: Ruth Kanin has a friendly attitude toward cooking. It shouldn't be a cause for panic, and if something goes wrong it's not a federal case. No one is a born cook, she says, it's a learned skill like any other. In fact, she taught cooking workshops that helped people gain confidence about themselves (she's a licensed therapist). They developed a positive relationship with food, and they all learned cooking besides. 

In Eat! Eat! she presents 125 traditional recipes from the rich folklore of old-world Jewish cooking. With the help of her 81-year-old mother -- an ad-lib cook who threw in "a little of this and a little of that" until it felt right -- she has faithfully transcribed the kind of cooking wisdom that used to be passed on from mother to daughter in earlier generations. It wasn't easy, but after close watching and lots of questions, she finally got her mother to reveal how to make the wonderfully delicious recipes in this book. Every picky little detail. Not just "put in a little from the chicken fetz," but how much exactly! 

The result is a collection of best-known Jewish recipes, age-old Lithuanian dishes and Russian standards the way Ruth's father liked them, plus some far-out inventions by her mother, linked to no known country. 

Here are such appetizers as Easy Blini and Eggs Stuffed with Lox; Cold Beet Borscht and Sickbed Soup; Fish Lotkes, and Breaded Smelts; Stuffed Flanken, Boiled Soup Chicken, Fixed Up; and Tsimmis With Meat and Kneidlach, along with rice dishes and noodles, salads, breads, noshes and desserts.  

Jewish cooking is hearty -- but for people who think slim is best, or have special diets, there's a section on how to adapt the recipes to conform with the latest nutritional information. And for anyone starting out in the cooking department, there are sections describing the nature of Jewish cooking; how to make up menus; and hints about methods in case, for example, you don't know how to make your own chicken fat, or what went wrong if your cake turned out to be a pancake. 

Eat, eat! and enjoy! Good food and good feelings go together like bagels with cream cheese and lox! 


Condition: Good condition. Jacket frayed at top corner tip. Further there is minor shelf wear. 

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