Cooking of the Eastern Mediterranean Cookbook

Cooking of the Eastern Mediterranean Cookbook features 2015 healthy recipes from places like Turkey, Syria, Macedonia, Greece, and across the Middle East. We highly recommend this cookbook for its memorable recipes. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 429 pages 

Copyright: 1994, First Edition 

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. 

Author: Paula Wolfert 

ISBN: 9780060166519

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Description: The Cooking of the Eastern Mediterranean reflects both Paula Wolfert's love of great food and the pioneering spirit that has inspired her to travel across the globe many times over in search of the world's best recipes. In all of her remarkable books, she delves with tireless enthusiasm into her research and writing, ensuring each recipe's authenticity and accessibility. In The Cooking of the Eastern Mediterranean, she brings readers and cooks into the kitchens that produce the healthy home cooking that is the trademark of such lands as Macedonia, Turkey, Syria, and the countries on the Black Sea. 

Wolfert's food dazzles the palate. Her book begins with recipes for sauces and dips, including two walnut and pomegranate sauces; soups include Anatolian Sour Soup and Macedonian "Green Cream." Meat, poultry, and fish dishes include eleven varieties of kihheh, Duck with Quinces, and Skewered Swordfish. Her sumptuous recipes for vegetables and grains-stuffed eggplants, pilafs, and pomegranate-flavored vegetables, to name a few -- reflect the bounty and healthful eating patterns of the Eastern Mediterranean. 

Wolfert's Middle Eastern grain salads are healthy and rich with flavor. Paula travels into the kitchens of native cooks to ensure that her recipes are as genuine as they are delicious. She takes us into the home of a friend in the Republic of Georgia, whose mother teaches Wolfert how to prepare Chicken Tabaka; to a mountain village in northern Greece where, with a sister food writer, she searches for fine cheeses to complete a savory pie; and to a farm in Turkey, where the country's best bread baker tells her secrets of baking unleavened flat griddle bread. 

These delicious, authentic recipes focus on the healthy eating patterns for which the Eastern Mediterranean is increasingly being recognized. 

Wolferts recipes are as delightful to read as they are to use. Armchair cooks and travelers will be moved by the descriptive geography and resonant personal stories Paula Wolfert relates along with her fabulous dishes. Wolferts expertise is renowned among food lovers, amateur and professional, and her joy of discovering new ways to prepare food is infectious to her many devoted readers. 


Condition: Good condition. Some pages have a tiny indentation at the bottom edge. 

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