Food and Cooking of Eastern Europe Cookbook

Food and Cooking of Eastern Europe Cookbook takes you on a journey from Austria to Russia, covering many places in between. You will enjoy the cuisines like Polish, Hungarian, German, and more Eastern European foods. If you enjoy preparing new recipes, explore this cookbook for new options. 


Format: Softcover, 468 pages. 

Copyright: 1989 

Publisher: Penguin Books 

Author: Lesley Chamberlain 

ISBN: 9780140468137

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Description: Diverse, appetizing and often surprisingly sophisticated, the cookery of Eastern Europe stretches from Vienna to Moscow and from the Adriatic to the Baltic. It has many influences; among them are the agriculture, the climate and the political situation of each country, and consequently many local specialties recur with slight variations from region to region.  

Demonstrating that the food of the Eastern bloc countries goes far beyond the goulash and beetroot soup familiar to the West, Lesley Chamberlain takes the reader on a fascinating tour of East European gastronomy. From the refreshing fruit soups of Hungary and Poland to the fish dishes of Dalmatia, the fortifying meat meals of Poland, the sausages of Germany and the French-influenced cuisine of Romania, she explores the traditional, lesser-known dishes as well as those that will be recognized by many. 

Interspersed with the recipes are literary quotations, local customs and legends relating to the food, placing it in its historical and social context. With easy-to- follow instructions for each recipe and detailed information on local wines, preserves, desserts and festive meals, The Food and Cooking of Eastern Europe is a treasure house of information and a scholarly introduction to some of the world's most satisfying cuisines. 


Condition: Good condition. Back cover has crease. 

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