Dutch Treats Pella Cookbook 1959 - Women's Auxilary Central College

Dutch Treats Pella Cookbook 1959 - Women's Auxilary Central College is the fifth edition of the book originally published in 1901. This cookbook contains Dutch recipes brought to Iowa from Holland or through Dutch ancestry. Recipes contain the name of their contributor. 


Format: Softcover, 156 pages 

Copyright: 1959 

Publisher: The Women's Auxilary Central College 

Author: Members of The Women's Auxilary Central College, Iowa 

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Description: When the first Pella Cook Book was published in 1901, many recipes had been contributed by Dutch housewives who brought their favorite recipes with them when they left their homes in Holland to help establish Pella -- the City of Refuge on the prairies of Iowa. Others were contributed by the daughters of these pioneer women -- to whom these recipes have been handed down as a precious heritage.

Some of these old recipes are included in this section of the new Dutch Treats Pella Cook Book, published in 1959. If the directions, which may seem somewhat quaint, are carefully followed, the results will be found to be just as delicious now as when they were prepared by the good Dutch cooks of sixty years prior. 


Condition: Cover has some heavy wear with creases, small tears and spots. Interior good condition with some age discoloration. 

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