Durgin Park Restaurant Cookbook Boston

Durgin Park Restaurant Cookbook from Boston shares Yankee cooking from Faneuil Hall. This historic eatery is so well known ... it has its own Wikipedia page. Chowders, Indian pudding and Johnnycake are among the 150 recipes found inside this arsenal of memorable dishes from Durgin-Park restaurant. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 208 pages 

Copyright: 2002 

Publisher: Rutledge Hill Press 

Author: Jane and Michael Stern 

ISBN: 9781401600280

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Description: If Boston is the cradle of the republic, Durgin-Park restaurant is its commissary. Its origins go back to 1742 when Peter Faneuil built a large market house on the Boston wharf. In 1827 -- when John Quincy Adams was president and people rode in stagecoaches -- Durgin-Park was founded in the shadow of Faneuil Hall and has had only four owners in more than 175 years. 

In an atmosphere of clattering dishes, conversation, and sharp-tongued waitresses, Durgin-Park serves its time-hallowed specialties on red-checked tablecloths in a dining room on the second floor with ceiling fans instead of air conditioning. There are prime rib plates that may be the best anywhere, Boston baked beans and Indian pudding that are definitive, New England boiled dinners, chowders, apple pie, apple pandowdy, and hot corn bread. 

Everything at Durgin-Park is made from scratch and most of it is done the old-fashioned way. Potatoes are checked for skin after they leave the automatic peeler. Carrots are peeled by hand. Fish cakes are hand-fashioned. And Chef Tommy Ryan supervises the making of the corned beef, the apple­sauce, and the gravy for turkey dinners. 

The Durgin-Park Cookbook is more than just a cookbook of more than 150 recipes, although here you will find Chef Tommy Ryan's classic recipes for chowders, Yankee pot roast, baked Indian pudding, and an 1885 recipe for Best New England Johnnycake. It is a visit to a New England institution. Stories and photos make reading the book like a visit to the Boston landmark. Its history, its tradi­tions, its atmosphere, and its commitment to quality are all described and illustrated. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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