Alain Ducasse Flavors of France Cookbook

Alain Ducasse Flavors of France Cookbook, written by one of the world's foremost chefs and experts on French cuisine, shares Ducasse's elegant dishes with you. This is a stunning cookbook and should positively be on the shelves of anyone who enjoys cooking French cuisine. The recipes in this cookbook are brilliant and the color photography is equally impressive. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 264 pages - Signed by Linda Dannenberg 

Copyright: 1998, First Edition 

Publisher: Artisan 

Author: Alain Ducasse and Linda Dannenberg

ISBN: 9781579651077

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Description: Brash, driven and dazzingly inventive, six-star-chef Alain Ducasse is a larger-than-life figure. At thirty-three, he was the youngest chef ever to be awarded three Michelin stars, and in March 1998, he became the only chef in our time to possess six stars. He has mentored a generation of younger chefs who have introduced his cooking around the world and has, quite simply, changed the face of traditional French cooking. 

In his long-awaited American cookbook debut, M. Ducasse shares the principles and techniques of his uniquely elemental cuisine. At its core are clarity of taste, precision in execution, and respect for the food itself, which to Ducasse means retaining its essential flavor. That respect for true taste results in a multitude of simple but striking techniques, such as combining in the same recipe raw and cooked, hot and cold, fruits and vegetables. Ducasse uses as much of each element as he can -- the trimmings, sometimes the skins, the shells, the baking juices, the pan drippings, the heads, the cooking broth, all the by-products of the process -- in order to capture an ingredient's precise taste. He incorporates different preparations of the same product into a given dish, each revealing an individual aspect of its flavor -- sliced raw artichokes, braised whole artichokes, and paper-thin slices of fried artichoke, for example, might be featured together. 

The brilliance of his food -- apparent in recipes made with no more than two ingredients enhanced by a simple aromatic element, with seasoning reduced to a few grains of salt -- explains why he is "the country's star chef (Wine Spectator) and "the Escoffier of our time" (Le Point). 

Ducasse Flavors of France documents, in more than one hundred lavishly photographed recipes, the influences- Mediterranean, Provencal, and classical French -- that permeate this extraordinary cuisine. Many of the recipes are simple, others complex, but all can be perfectly accomplished with a little time and patience. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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