Dr. Oetker German Cooking Today: The Original

Dr. Oetker German Cooking Today: The Original is a cookbook with a lot of photos and step-by-step illustrations. German cuisine is at its best inside the pages of this cookbook by ones of Germany's most well known baking products companies. 


Format: Hardcover, 304 pages 

Copyright: 1994 

Publisher: Dr. Oetker Verlag 

Author: Dr. Oetker 

ISBN: 9783767005051

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Description: German Cooking Today, the recognized standard work that has had a fixed place in many households for generations, is now available in a new English edition after detailed revision. 

With many descriptive recipe photos, step-by- step photographs and of course the precise, detailed instructions of these recipes, the book is exceptionally clear and user-friendly. In all, this will ensure that even the inexperienced cook will be certain of success in making the dishes. 

As well as many new recipes that arise from people's ever-changing eating habits, you will of course still find such popular classics as Beef olives, Sauerbraten and Stuffed peppers in German Cooking Today. 


Condition: Good condition. Inside blank page has inscription in ink. 

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