Don's Seafood and Steakhouse Cookbook - Louisiana Restaurant

Don's Secrets cookbook from Don's Seafood and Steakhouse in Louisiana brings you recipes from their restaurants in Lafayette and other areas in Louisiana. This is a vintage 1958 restaurant cookbook is a sought after collectible. Some of the recipes in the book had never been written down until this book. 


Format: Paperback spiral bound, 59 pages 

Copyright: 1958 

Publisher: Don L. Ashby and Willie G. Landry Partners 

Author: Don's Seafood & Steak House 

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Description: One day in the future, history books may record as one of the Space Age Seven Wonders . . . the "World's One and Only Crawfish Ranch." Approximately 600 acres of fertile swampland devoted to the cultivation of Louisiana's tastiest crustacean – the brain-child of the Landry Brothers of Lafayette, owner of Don's Seafood & Steak House!  Crawfish farms there have been . . . fields there have been . . . but never before a ranch!  

What's the difference? You'll know when one of Don's branded craw- dads melts in your mouth. They're fatter, more tender and oh-so-much tastier! The reason for all this is that Don's crawfish don't just wander off on their own to feed as they might. Chartered flights sprinkle just the right amount of fertilizer over the waters; a supervisor distributes freely choice buffalo fish heads by pirogue; and trappers bait their snares with tasty bits of horse-meat and cottonseed cake. All in all the life of a crawdad on Don's Crawfish Ranch is pretty plush. Good water, good food, courteous trappers and a chance for immortality in one of Don's Etouffees. 

Year after year throughout Southwest Louisiana – gourmets, restaurateurs and just everybody wonders and worries as to whether there will be enough crawfish for everyone to get his fill during the season. The lobster's fickle cousin has not always seen to it in the past. in fact, the cradle of crawfish culture, Breaux Bridge, Louisiana – the self-appointed Crawfish Capitol of the World – has several times suffered severe crawfish deficit. Now, thanks to the foresight of Lafayette's leading crawfish connoisseurs, Ashby, Don and Willie Landry, the crawfish shortage is solved! 


Condition: Spiral binding comb is cracked. Further good condition.

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