Dolci Italian Desserts Cookbook

Dolci Italian Desserts cookbook is a special cookbook for those of you who want to try your hand at making Italian sweets from cakes to tarts ... and everything in between. If you love baking and pastry making, this is the cookbook for you. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 301 pages 

Copyright: 1987 

Publisher: Simon and Schuster 

Author: Virginie and George Elbert 

ISBN: 9780671543747

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Description: Time and again, Virginie and George Elbert have returned to Italy, and their fascination with the geography, the art, and the architecture never ends. The food, which changes from region to region depending on the local ingredients, the history and background of the place, and the particular inclinations of its inhabitants, is no small part of the fascination. For the Elberts, dessert especially seems to magically fix a certain place and time in the memory. An opulent whipped cream cake in a restaurant near the cathedral in Mantua; a coconut custard tart in a shady restaurant off a sunny square in Ferrara; a splendid chocolate cake eaten on the steps of a small bridge in Venice -- these are among the delicious dolci sampled by the Elberts and re-created in their book. 

This is, quite simply, a wonderful collection of recipes for the finest Italian desserts. Here are cakes and tarts, custards and ice creams, little pastries, cookies, and desserts made with fruit. Dolci includes the famous regional specialties -- the panforte of Siena; the ciambella of Emilia-Romagna; and the less well-known treats, such as the sweet ravioli found in Sperlonga or the pepper cookies of the Veneto. 

The Elberts have painstakingly developed their recipes with the American home baker and kitchen in mind. They have managed in this book to re-create the taste, style, and sensibility of these great desserts with familiar ingredients and equipment. 

Dolci: The Fabulous Desserts of Italy is a book for anyone who loves dessert, or Italy, or both. 


Condition: Marker streaks on outside edges of bottom of book pages (seen when book is shut). Further good condition. 

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