Disney Recipes From Animation to Inspection Cookbook

Disney fans will especially enjoy this Disney Recipes From Animation to Inspection cookbook. It's a unique look at the inspirational dishes the author Ira L. Meyer developed for th wonderful Disney characters we all know and love. 


Format: Hardcover, 240 pages. 

Copyright: 2003 

Publisher: Disney Editions 

Author: Ira L. Meyer and Marcello Garofalo 

ISBN: 9780786854165

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Description: Walt began with a dream, which he turned into a new form of life: animation. For this very special book of recipes Ira L. Meyer has built upon some of his visionary thoughts and ideas. 

Usually, chefs begin with raw materials and combine them to create wonderful dishes. Meyer's first approach, however, was to imagine what kind of hidden taste memories were bubbling inside the heads of the Disney animators as they created the characters and scenes we all know and love. 

Behind the sketches and scenes that never made it to celluloid, there was the idea of a dish –– a filling and comforting food to be placed before someone to enjoy. Meyer became a detective of sorts, researching and reading, tasting and observing, determining which foods the Disney characters might enjoy or actually do eat in the films and cartoon shorts in which they appear. 

Indeed, creating real food from animation was a serious and fun endeavor and Meyer likes to think of himself as a pleasure giver in the mold of Walt Disney himself. Is this art imitating life or life imitating art? Meyer will leave it to you to decide. What he is sure of is that these recipes taste good and give him the same warm feeling he had as a child when he left a Saturday afternoon matinee, fully satisfied. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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