Wilton Discover the Fun of Cake Decorating

Wilton cookbooks are synonymous with cake decoration. Discover the Fun of Cake Decorating teaches you the art within weeks, including piping flowers to icing techniques. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 184 pages. Third printing 

Copyright: 1979 

Publisher: Wilton Enterprises 

Author: Wilton  

ISBN: 9780912696157

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Description: Once you have experienced the pure enjoyment and satisfaction cake decorating can provide, you'll wonder why you waited so long to develop your talent! This book was specially designed to put mastery of this centuries-old art within easy reach of anyone who really has a desire to learn it.

Norman Wilton, co-founder and for many years the director of the famous decorating school that bears his name, has actively participated in making this a how-to book that minimizes drudgery and makes learning exciting. More than in any other book on the subject, you learn by doing. All of the important techniques are clearly shown and clearly explained, step by step. You follow them precisely, then display your skill on a beautiful cake. Working at your own pace, and inspired by superbly detailed color photos you learn the time-tested and proven Wilton-American method of decorating that is renowned throughout the world. 

Discover the Fun of Cake Decorating opens with an impressive collection of applause-winning birthday cakes, all carefully selected so even first-time decorators can be taught to duplicate them within weeks, not months! This is just the first of three portfolios of gorgeous cakes provided to show you the artistry to which you can aspire. 

Next you'll learn how easy and economical it is to get started in this craft. There's a list of tools you need to begin, and you will probably be surprised at how many of these you already have. Icings and their characteristics are discussed in detail. 

Decorating tubes are pictured in family groups and here, for the first time, you see what sheer magic the decorator can achieve. 

With no further delay you start working with tubes, now acting the role of magician yourself. You learn to twirl a parchment triangle into a decorating cone, gain a knowledge of pressure control and see what an infinite number of forms and designs the various tubes can create. Right away you'll be able to trim two pretty cakes. You will have done a bit of the artistry you set out to do. 

From here on you can begin to spread your wings as a decorator. You'll learn to pipe flowers that rival living blooms. And after you have become proficient in the execution of classic techniques, you can use short cuts to produce glorious cakes in just a short time. 

You'll be introduced, too, to the use of lettering and script, to the versatility of working with sugar molds and to the unusual effects that can be effected with Color Flow. You'll even weave a realistic basket in icing. 

Finally, you'll approach the most heroic of decorated pieces, the tier cake. Historians in the field of culinary arts (particularly when referring to the somewhat monumental five and six tier cakes) compare decorating to architecture. You will find the comparison is apt; but, as a conscientious student who has gone through chapter by chapter mastering one technique at a time, you'll be ready to decorate your first heroically-proportioned cake. Remember the completed multi-tier masterpiece is simply an artistic composite of a number of individual cakes. 

Discover the Fun of Cake Decorating will prove to you that decorating is not only a highly fulfilling and relaxing art form. It will open a whole new world of pleasure and satisfaction to you. Don't delay getting started! All the patterns you need are in the Appendix. 


Condition: Bookboards and interior pages are in very nice condition. Fisrt blank page shows a sticker residue spot in the top right corner. Dust jacket has tears and creases all along the edges and corners. Some spots have been taped up on the inside to prevent further tearing. 

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