Discovery of a Continent Cookbook

Top Chef Master winner Marcus Samuelsson shares his secrets in Discovery of a Continent cookbook. His African-inspired recipes will inspire you and bring the aromas of the exotic cuisines of Africa to your kitchen. 


Format: Softcover, 174 pages  

Copyright: 2007 

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 

Author: Marcus Samuelsson 

ISBN: 9780470173251

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Description: Award-winning chef Marcus Samuelsson may be best known for his innovative take on Scandinavian cuisine at New York's Restaurant Aquavit, but his story begins thousands of miles away, in Africa. Born in Ethiopia and raised in Sweden by adoptive parents, his life transcends national boundaries, and his approach to cooking is global yet personal. 

Inspired by the James Beard Award-winning Soul of a New Cuisine, Discovery of a Continent takes you along as Marcus returns to the land of his birth and explores Africa's rich diversity of cultures and cuisines. He shares stories from his travels as well as nearly 100 recipes that will inspire your senses -- traditional dishes from all parts of the continent as well as his own variations and creations, plus five all-new African-inspired Starbucks barista recipes created specialty for this book. 

Throughout, stunning color images by award-winning photographer Gediyon Kifle bring the African experience to life, from children playing at an outdoor barbecue joint in South Africa to French baguettes loaded onto a bicycle in Senegal. 

You can delight in the familiar Mediterranean flavors of dishes Like Moroccan Lemon-Olive Chicken, or make your way south for the irresistible taste combinations of dishes such as a Malay-style Bobotie casserole from South Africa. 

Marcus also includes his favorite recipes for Africa's unique spice blends and rubs, which can transform ordinary ingredients into explosively flavorful dishes. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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