Dips Dollops and Drizzles Cookbook

Dressing and dip recipes are the Dips Dollops and Drizzles Cookbook's central theme. This handy kitchen resource is sure to dress up any meal. 


Format: Hardcover, 120 pages 

Copyright: 2000 

Publisher: Pavilion Books 

Author: Liz Franklin 

ISBN: 9781862054561

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Description: Dips - delicious and delectable, celebrate food at it's most convivial and spontaneous. From the unique flavours of Tequilla Lime Dip to the exotic combination of Papaya and Coconut Dip they provide a versatile way in which to entertain and share great food at any occasion. 

Dollops - dreamy and desirable - can enliven even the most simple dish. Char-grilled fillet steak with creamy Horseradish Potatoes or a colourful Tropical Fruit Salsa on tuna steaks or for dessert, a smooth Mascarpone Sorbet with a slice of cherry tart are mouth-watering examples of dollop dressings. 

Drizzles - less complicated than a sauce, but combining wonderful flavours, can complement main dishes beautifully. Trickle Spicy Tomato Drizzle over salmon to create a mouth-watering meal or serve delicate Chocolate Sushi with Lemon Grass Drizzle for a truly sophisticated dessert. 

Liz Franklin combines the traditional with the contemporary in Dips, Dollops and Drizzles with 60 delicious recipes and sparkling photography. 


Condition: Bookboards and interior pages are in beautiful condition. 

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