Dinner in the Diner Cookbook Historic Railroad Restaurants

Dinner in the Diner cookbook features 300 recipes from historic railroad restaurants of the great trains. This is a unique cookbook that will appeal to those who are nostalgic about rail travel and dining. Recipes also include historic photos of the trains and their dining cars. 


Format: Hardcover, 144 pages 

Copyright: 1990, 14th Edition

Publisher: Trans-Anglo Books 

Author: Will C. Hollister 

ISBN: 9780870460111

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Description: Here is a fascinating cookbook that will appeal not only to collectors of recipes, gourmet cooks and rail aficionados, but to anyone with a hearty appetite who either remembers the romance of the rails or enjoys good cooking. The recipes represent specialties from the many regions served by the featured railroads. Included are unusual ways of serving Rocky Mountain trout, Idaho potatoes, Pacific Northwest salmon, fried chicken a la the Old South, shrimp New Orleans style, New England boiled dinners, and lamb as the American Indians cooked it. 

The dishes range through complete gourmet dinners from spectacular salads to mouth-watering desserts. The recipes also include unusual ways of preparing hot cakes, appetizers and dressings. Complementing the recipes are historic photographs of famous steam and diesel trains, and their dining cars. A map of each railroad system is also included. 

Will Hollister, the author of this book, is credited with many years of interest in cooking and railroads. He was educated in public schools in Chicago and Los Angeles -- during which time he received special permission, as a grammar school student, to enroll in a cooking class. He attended the University of California at Los Angeles. His hobbies of collecting books on railroads as well as on cooking led him to write this volume when he discovered that there was no publication detailing the recipes served on railroad dining cars. 

Hollister has ridden -- and dined -- on most of the railroads featured in this book. He also has prepared many of the recipes and found them as appetizing at home as on the rails. 


Condition: Good condition.

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