Diner's Club Cookbook - Vintage 1959

Diner's Club Cookbook is a 1959 vintage cookbook. with recipes from the world's top restaurants. Were betting some of these are from restaurants of the past. We definitely spot some leading restaurants. Mexican Meat Ball Soup from The Pink Adobe in Santa Fe, New Mexico; Stuffed Bell Peppers Creole from the Old Southern Tea Room in Vicksburg, Mississippi; Baked Eggplant a la Armand from Armand's Beacon Terrace in Framingham Massachusetts; Ice Cream Meringue Pie from Patricia Murphy's Candlelight Restaurant in Yonkers, New York, and many more. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 241 pages. 

Copyright: 1959 

Publisher: Gramercy Publishing Company 

Author: Myra Waldo 

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Description:  Here is a cookbook which shows you how to prepare the great specialties of world-renowned restaurants. Involved cooking procedures have been simplified, time-consuming hours of preparation have been shortened (to minutes for many recipes) because this book was prepared specifically for home use. Each restaurant has contributed its standing specialty, the one preparation of which it is most proud. In many cases, the recipe was the chef's secret never previously divulged or put on paper. 

In this book you'll find more than 300 important recipes with which you can dazzle your friends, impress your family, and surprise and delight yourself. All of these recipes have been carefully revised, with speed and ease of preparation uppermost in mind, by Myra Waldo, noted cookbook author and food consultant. To top it all, there is a section on wines which tells you clearly what to serve -- when, how and where. 

There are recipes in every category -- appetizers, soups, fish, poultry, meat, salads, vegetables, and desserts. Your favorites are bound to be included, along with previously unknown dishes which will become your favorites when you find out how easy it is to prepare them. 


Condition: Fair condition. Index pages include notes and check marks in black marker. Opening page has dates in ink. Covers have some small tears and frays. Recipe pages are in great condition. 

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