Dinah Shore American Kitchen Cookbook

This Dinah Shore American Kitchen cookbook features recipes from more than 300 of Dinah's own recipes. If you loved her earlier cookbooks, you'll enjoy this one as well.


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 314 pages  

Copyright: 1990, First Edition 

Publisher: Doubleday 

Author: Dinah Shore 

ISBN: 9780385246835

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Description: Dinah Shore's love of food was first nurtured by the delectable cooking of the American South, but -- like Americans all over the country -- her appreciation of fine dining has grown to encompass the cuisines of many countries and many ethnic origins, and The Dinah Shore American Kitchen reflects this international flavor. In over 300 of her own recipes and those contributed by friends and colleagues, Dinah captures the spirit of cooking today with the same attention to good health that she brings to good taste. 

Dinah's own kitchen is stocked not only with incomparable fresh produce from her California home, but with the ingredients to make delicious and soul-satisfying dishes in every category, from all over the world -- soups from Chinese Noodle to Country-Style Split Pea; salads from Malaysian Chicken with Peanuts to Arugula and Spinach with White Wine-Honey Vinaigrette; meats that range from Middle Eastern Lamb Stew with Prunes to Juicy Tender Pot Roast; fish and poultry grilled California style or spiced Cal-Mex; vegetables that are Southern-smothered or stir-fried Oriental; and a variety of baked goods and desserts to satisfy the sweet tooth of any nationality.  

From developing the recipes to styling the mouth-watering photography, Dinah's passion for good food -- lovingly prepared and beautifully presented -- is evident on every page of this book. 

So invite Dinah into your own home and cook with her some of the hundreds of delicious meals she's enjoyed with her own friends and family. It will make you feel as if Dinah herself were sharing a potluck dinner in your kitchen. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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