Desserts with Spirit Cookbook - Signed

Desserts with Spirit Cookbook is a signed and inscribed edition by author Robert Carmack. You'll enjoy preparing recipes with spirits like Amaretto, rum, Grand Marnier, and more. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket with plastic protective sleeve, 227 pages 

Copyright: 1985. First edition 

Publisher: Atheneum 

Author: Robert Carmack & Gino Cofacci 

ISBN: 9780689114731

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Description: Here is a very special selection of sumptuous desserts, each one spiked with a touch of liquor or liqueur. The use of liquor in desserts has long been popular in Europe: from Scandinavia come aquavit puff pastries, while Italy provides Zabaglione with Amaretto. The French douse their Savarins and Genoises with rum and brandy syrups, and the British set off their pound cakes with a teacup of whiskey. 

Now Americans too can follow the tradition, and lace their sweets with spirit. Robert Carmack and Gino Cofacci have gathered together over one hundred spirited desserts from around the world. They range from a simple dish of mixed fruits tossed with gin to a richly creamy cheesecake marbled with rum-flavored chocolate. And while they include, of course, such flambeed favorites as crepes with raspberry filling, the authors also take advantage of the new spirit of culinary adventure to offer the tantalizing possibility of a frozen apple chestnut souffle with Calvados sauce. 

This is indeed a collection of desserts to make the taste buds tingle and the spirit soar! 


Condition: Very good condition. 

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