Desserts and Pastries Cookbook

Desserts and Pastries Cookbook contains over 250 recipes for traditional Italian dishes, and famous international desserts from other countries. These dishes are easy-to-prepare and many are depicted in color photos of the finished sweets. Frangipani Cream, Polenta Pizza, Prune and Apricot Tart, Ricotta Cassata, All Saints Day Bread, Semolina Fritters, and more. If you enjoy baking and pastry making, this book brings some out-of-the-ordinary recipes to your home kitchen. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket and plastic protective sleeve, 214 pages 

Copyright: 1974 

Publisher: Derbibooks, Inc. 

Author: Leone Bosi 

ISBN: 9780890090121

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Description: This practical book is intended mainly for today's busy housewives with small kitchens and modern but basic cooking equipment. It recognizes that pastry is often bought in frozen packages and that ice cream comes from the supermarket. 

The easy-to-follow recipes are for relatively simple desserts and original cakes, and the decorations are never over-elaborate or costly. Included are specially selected traditional sweet dishes, snacks and savories, and international favorites, with a host of ideas for presenting them in unique and interesting ways. 

This superb book, illustrated with 82 full color "show-how" photographs, will provide new inspirations and an exciting culinary world for today's discriminating housewives and hostesses. 


Condition: Interior flap is clipped off at corner. Further good condition. 

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