Dining At Delmonico's

Dining At Delmonico's: The Story of America's Oldest Restaurant is a simply stunning cookbook from one of the most acclaimed restaurants in the New York. With more than 80 of the restaurant's famous recipes, surrounded by its history and imagery of prepared dishes, you will truly treasure this collectible restaurant cookbook. This coffee-table worthy cookbook retailed at $50 when published. 


Format: Hardcover, 224 pages. 

Copyright: 2008 

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ISBN: 9781584797227

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Description: The name Delmonico's is synonymous with fine dining. Ever since the establishment -- the country's first real restaurant -- opened its doors in Manhattan's Financial District in 1837, Delmonico's has been showing Americans just what it means to eat well. 

Delmonico's was where American diners were introduced to some of our most beloved dishes: Lobster Newburg, Eggs Benedict, Manhattan Clam Chowder, Baked Alaska. Many were created in Delmonico's kitchen by New York's first star chef, Charles Ranhofer; others were popularized there. And always heading the bill of fare's attractions was the Delmonico's Steak -- an unbelievably succulent 20-ounce prime rib-eye, grilled to perfection and topped with herbed Meat Butter -- which remains the gold standard that other steakhouses try to emulate. 

Delmonico's history is one of "firsts": the first American restaurant to use tablecloths, to offer private dining rooms, to furnish a separate wine list, to admit women diners, and to re-envision haute cuisine for the American palate. That tradition of exquisite food served in a luxurious yet utterly welcoming setting continues to flourish today. Now, Dining at Delmonico's invites the home cook into the restaurant's legendary kitchen, providing more than 80 recipes that let you re-create the gastronomic glories of Delmonico's dining room for your own table. 


Condition: Good condition. Jacket has minor creasing. 

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