Dean Fearing's Southwest Cuisine Cookbook

Dean Fearing's Southwest Cuisine cookbook is from the executive chef of The Mansion on Turtle Creek restaurant in Texas. Fearing is known as one of the country's top chefs and creates recipes for Southwestern cuisine that will leave you inspired and wanting more. The recipes are easy to follow and there are several that contains full color photos of the finished dish. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 244 pages 

Copyright: 1990 

Publisher: Grove Weidenfeld 

Author: Dean Fearing 

ISBN: 9780802113214

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Description: This dazzling array of recipes from one of America's most creative and excit­ing chefs brings American cooking to a new height -- expanding the palate of Southwest cuisine and making it truly international in scope. Dean Fearing, ex­ecutive chef of The Mansion on Turtle Creek's award-winning restaurant in Dallas, has created a bold and dramatic new cuisine that combines the foods and cooking techniques of Mexico, Asia, and the American South. 

The robust flavors, vibrant colors, and earthy aromas of Fearing's dishes will please all the senses: wood-grilled Gulf shrimp are highlighted by a cool and pi­quant sauce of serrano chilies and mint; tenderloin of beef is transformed in a marinade of molasses and black pepper; fresh pasta forms a uniquely crisp crust on salmon fillets; a salad of smoked chicken, zucchini, and three peppers is matched with a spicy cilantro mayon­naise and a velvety dressing of ancho chilies and honey. 

The key to Fearing's cooking is his "hybrid" sauces (so named because they meld tastes from the three regions), which are among the most natural in the world. Fat-free, infused with herbs, spices, and fruit and vegetable flavors, these sauces -- mango and black beans, shiitake mushrooms and ginger, apples and ancho chilies with just a taste of te­quila -- offer rich new sensations by re­maining as close as possible to the distinctive essences of their ingredients. Healthy, intensely flavorful, perfectly balanced, these sauces are the heart of this world-class cuisine. 

The art of Dean Fearing's technique reaches its culmination on the plate itself -- the red, yellow, and black of three sauces are woven together in an "Indian blanket" design on a red snapper fillet; the brilliant orange of sweet potatoes, cut into "confetti," accents the earthy color of smoked rabbit. Beautifully illus­trated in full color throughout, Dean Fearing's Southwest Cuisine is as pleasing to the eye as its cuisine is exciting to the tongue. 


Condition: Bookboards, interior pages and dust jacket are in nice condition. Back cover's top area has a few tiny scratch markings. One side of the book has a GP stamp on the page tips (Grove Press). 

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