A Dash of Mustard Cookbook

Are you a mustard fan? If so, take a look at this must-have A Dash of Mustard Cookbook. It features a selection of recipes that showcase mustard as a key ingredient, with over 50 recipes in all. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 127 pages. 

Copyright: 1995 

Publisher: Book Sales, Inc. 

Author: Orla Broderick 

ISBN: 9780785803515

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Description: Mustard has been one of the world's most popular flavorings and folk remedies for centuries. Whether perking up the humble sausage, adding piquancy to a sophisticated sauce, or soothing tired feet in a mustard bath, there is simply no substitute for this essential ingredient. A Dash of Mustard is a comprehensive, entertaining guide to this classic condiment, providing a wealth of little-known facts and intriguing folklore. And there are more than 50 delicious mustard recipes to taste and savor. 

This book traces mustard's fascinating history from its ancient origins as a relish of the Roman emperors to the contemporary kitchen, where it is squeezed onto hot dogs and into hamburgers the world over. It examines the vast range of mustards around the world and shows how mustard has become an indispensable ingredient in many classics of international cuisine -- whether used as seed, oil, leaf, or paste. And it looks beyond the pantry to the medicine chest, where mustard hạs been variously prescribed as a cure for snake bites, a remedy for toothache, an antidote to depression and an aid to digestion. 

A Dash of Mustard includes an array of recipes for snacks and appetizers, main courses, salads and vegetables, breads and preserves. It also shows how to make your own mustards, with a range of traditional and unusual recipes to try. And for anyone baffled by the bewildering choice of mustards now available on supermarket shelves, there is an invaluable taster's guide to the different varieties, their flavors and uses. 

Illustrated throughout with historical pictures, mustard memorabilia and mouthwatering color photographs, this is the perfect book for mustard addicts everywhere. 


Condition: Jacket has minor shelf wear. Further good condition. 

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