Danish Open Sandwiches

Mette Herborg published this Danish Open Sandwiches cookbook with a selection of authentic Danish smorrebrod recipes. 


Format: Hardcover, 76 pages. 

Copyright: 1986. Third Edition 

Publisher: Host & Sons Forlag 

Author: Mette Herborg 

ISBN: 9788714286927

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Description: Tivoli, Hans Christian Andersen, open sandwiches -- smorrebrod -- what could be more Danish than that? Although the Swedes claim that their smorrebrod can be compared with the famous Danish cold collation, with all respect for our sister nation's unquestionable skills in many fields, I venture to say that there is nothing in the whole world to beat Danish smorrebrod. 

A vital condition for being a good cook is that you enjoy food. Danes love food, and especially their smorrebrod is to the Danes the salt of the earth. We take it along for lunch every day, neatly wrapped in grease-proof paper or silver foil. School children take along a little red luncheon box with the word velbekomme on the outside -- the traditional Danish expression for bon appetit. Also bank managers and top executives bring their lunch along to work, so that they can enjoy food the way mother makes it. 

These daily sandwiches are not by far as opulent as the ones we enjoy in merry company, but it is common use to garnish the daily packed lunch with lettuce leaves, radishes, betroots etc., both on account of the vitamins and to make them more appetizing. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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