Danish Cooking with Flavour

Danish Cooking with Flavour from the Danish-Canadian Society Dania of Edmonton presents a book of old and new favorite Danish recipes contributed by the community. Chicken Broth with Dumplings, Spiced Frikadeller, Sugar-Browned Potatoes, Rice Fritters, and Danish Apple Cake are some of the memorable recipes inside this cookbook. 


Format: Softcover spiral bound, 126 pages. 


Publisher: Danish Canadian Society Dania of Edmonton 

Author: Members of the Danish Canadian Society Dania of Edmonton 

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Description: Danish Cooking with Flavour cookbook is dedicated to the cooks of many lands, wherever Danish food and and interest in the Danish way of life are to be found. It is a cookbook of modern recipes for dishes eaten in Danish homes today rather than those cooked and served a hundred years ago, although many old favorites remain. 

The Danish cuisine itself, retains its age-old peasant thriftiness, making use of every scrap of food in the most economical and tasty way, and combines food preparation with a style of presentation which seems to stem from the character of the people themselves. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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