The Czechoslovak Cookbook

The Czechoslovak Cookbook is a cookbook from 1971 with over 500 recipes. Here is an authentic recipe book, one of the top selling Czechoslovakian cookbooks of all time. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 282 pages. 

Copyright: 1971, Fourth Printing 

Publisher: Crown 

Author: Joza Brizova 

ISBN: 9780517505472

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Description: From Czechoslovakia's best-selling cookbook, used in virtually every home in a country known for its fine cooks, Adrienna Vahala has selected and adapted over 500 recipes for American use. 

In this latest addition to the famed International Cook Book Series, there are all types of dishes, ranging from soups -- such as Goulash, Smoked Meat and Rye Bread -- through fascinating recipes for all courses, to the specialty of the land, desserts. 

This collection includes such mouth-watering old-country recipes as Dumplings with Smoked Meat, Stuffed Cabbage Head, Cheese Fruit Dumplings, Hare with Black Sauce, Eggs Surprise, Segedin Goulash, and Malakov Cake. 

The Czechoslovak Cookbook is filled with delectable new taste sensations that will become perennial favorites with everyone, not only those of Czechoslovak descent. 


Condition: Good condition. Jacket inside flap is clipped in upper corner. 

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