Cypress Lowcountry Grille Restaurant Cookbook Charleston

Cypress cookbook comes to you from former Charleston, South Carolina restaurant Cypress Lowcountry Grille that was led by innovative chef Craig Deihl.


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 256 pages. 

Copyright:2007, First Edition 

Publisher: Wyrick & Company 

Author: Craig Deihl 

ISBN: 9780941711883

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Description: Charleston, South Carolina, is a small city that's big on food. Centuries of culinary history and an abundance of fresh ingredients from the surrounding farmlands, woods and waters render Charleston's dining scene as one of the most popular in the country. Now from this city of great food, award-winning restaurant Cypress Lowcountry Grille and one of the Southeast's most exciting young talents, Executive Chef Craig Deihl, comes Cypress cookbook. 

Bold, imaginative, passionate... these are just a few words used to describe Deihl's dynamic cuisine. This fast-paced, visual cookbook showcases his signature style of classic dishes, indigenous lowcountry ingredients and global spice. Readers will learn a variety of traditional cooking methods and ingredient pairings to ensure success with Deihl's recipes, as well as how to "think like a chef" and create a personal repertoire for cooking and entertaining at home. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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