Culinary Excursions through Germany Cookbook - Authentic German Cuisine

Culinary Excursions through Germany Cookbook shares authentic German cuisine founds in cookbooks of past generations and of chefs from country inns. There are many photos of the prepared dishes and this cookbook is definitely one to make you hungry for the recipes inside. Linen Weaver's Omelet, Potato Soup and Bacon, Frankonian Veal Sweetbreads, Pate du Chasseur, Munich Royal Regent's Cake, and Red Currant Pie are a sampling of the recipes inside Culinary Excursions through Germany Cookbook. 


Format: Hardcover, 207 pages. 

Copyright: 1986 

Publisher: Sigloch Edition 

Author: Wolfgang W. Reichert 

ISBN: 9783800303045

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Description: These "Culinary Excursions through Germany" perhaps deserve a subtitle which might aptly be called "The truth about German cooking", as there are few areas pertaining to German mores and lifestyles that suffer from so many misconceptions among foreigners than the culinary and nutritional habits within the various regions of Germany. 

It was the author's desire not only to rectify these misconceptions but to take cooks on an excursion through a different and exciting culinary world inside the ethnic sub-divisions of post-war Germany. It is obvious that it is virtually impossible to justify the ambitious title of the book, since only a limited number of recipes could be selected from an over- powering multitude of possibilities. 

But when choosing the present collection, careful attention was paid to select only recipes that represent meals as they appear at family dinners throughout the nation -- recipes that can be duplicated by homemakers elsewhere with ease and with the devotion of the curious. 

The authors have not only consulted Grandma's cookbooks but have also looked over the shoulders of many housewives and particularly into the pots and pans of many well-known chefs in some of these charming and attractive country inns that have made their mark on the German culinary scene in the post-war decades with a delectable, esthetic, appetizing and relatively light, yet characteristically German fare. May these culinary excursions, seasoned with a little bit of history and storytelling, inspire cooks to attempt and savor these recipes. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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