Culinary Crafting Garnishing and Decorating Cookbook

Learn about garnishing and decorating your food with the Culinary Crafting Cookbook -- designed for beginning and experienced cooks. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket with plastic protective sleeve, 192 pages. Second printing 

Copyright: 1977 

Publisher: Rutledge Books 

Author: Doris McFerran Townsend  

ISBN: 9780874690026

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Description: There is, Culinary Crafting contends, an artist lurking in every home cook, waiting, and wanting, to find expression. As a craft, the garnishing and decorating of food, thoughtfully planned and executed with taste and reasonableness, can be as challenging and rewarding as any of the other skills that have in the past few years made such satisfying contributions to our lives. 

Garnishing and decorating, the author explains, are two faces of the same coin, a matter of usage rather than of difference. Garnishing generally refers to savory foods, decorating to sweet ones, but they both strive for the same result: making food as appealing to the eye as to the palate. Contrast and complement should be, she says, the primary guides to successful culinary crafting, but restraint is also necessary. "If some is good, more is better," often the unseasoned cook's rule, is entirely the wrong approach to making food beautiful. Too much decoration masks both the appearance and the flavor, sometimes to the point where the dish would have been much better left ungarnished. 

Culinary Crafting offers a multitude of ideas and advice for beginning and experienced cooks alike, for those who are all thumbs and for those who are deft and skillful. The book progresses logically through the meal, from the many kinds of appetizers to the whole array of desserts, suggesting tasty, and tasteful, ways to dress up every sort of food. Recipes are given only for those dishes not usually found in general cookbooks, but garnishing and decorating information covers all foods, from the simplest to the most complicated. There is a section on buffet entertaining, and where-to-buy suggestions are included. 


Condition: Good condition. Jacket has minor shelf wear.  

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