Cuisine of the Water Gods

Cuisine of the Water Gods: The Authentic Seafood and Vegetable Cookery of Mexico offers regional cuisines from coastal Mexico that leverage vegetables, seafood, and grains. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 322 pages. 

Copyright: 1994 

Publisher: Simon & Schuster 

Author: Patricia Quintana 

ISBN: 9780671748982

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Description: Long before the Spanish Conquest brought the first domestic animals to Mexico's shores, vegetables and seafood were the basis of the region's varied and flavorful coastal cuisines, which continued to flourish even as contact with Europe, Africa, and Asia brought new influences and ingredients. Now Mexican culinary authority Patricia Quintana has harvested this native bounty in a collection of nearly two hundred authentic recipes. 

In Cuisine of the Water Gods, Quintana takes us on a tour of Mexico's coastline, sampling the best of each region's cooking and setting it in the context of local culture and traditions. There are piquant and mellow salsas and crisp ensaladas. Savory antojitos (appetizers) include regional favorites such as Veracruz's Vuelve a la Vida (Return-to-Life Cocktail) and a range of tangy ceviched and savory empanadas. Sopas (soups) range from Jalisco's earthy Caldo Michi (Catfish Soup) to Sonora's rich Caldo de Queso (Cheese Soup). 

Abundant pescados, mariscos, and verduras (Fish, seafood, and vegetable dishes) include Sinaloa's Swordfish with Chickpeas and Sesame Seeds, Tabasco's Robalo en Moino (Sea Bass Steamed in Greens), Oaxaca's Yellow Seafood Mole, Nayarit's Tlaxtibuilli (Shrimp Stew), and Colima's succulent Plantain Tamales Stuffed with Seafood. If you have room -- there is a mouthwatering array of postres (desserts) and frutad, such as Campeche's Torrejas de Yuca (Yuca Fritters) or Chiapas's Dulce de Sand (a (Watermelon in Cinnamon Syrup). To accompany it all is a selection of the regions' distinctive beverages -- such as a refreshing Jugo de Uva y Melon (Grape and Melon Drink) or a festive Fresas de Zamora (Zamoran Strawberry Punch). 

Today's sophisticated home cooks will be thrilled to discover this vibrant tradition. And they will be delighted to explore a way of cooking so much in step with the way we eat now. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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