Cuisine Grand Mere Cookbook Signed

Traditional French home cooking is the theme of the Cuisine Grand-Mere cookbook. Filled with delicious recipes, this cookbook is also signed by the author Marie-Pierre Moine, along with an inscription to the book's original owner. This is a really nice cookbook that feels differentiated from the mainstream of many modern cookbooks. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 160 pages. 

Copyright: 1990

Publisher: Barrie & Jenkins

Author: Marie-Pierre Moine

ISBN: 9780712636308

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Description: In this delightful cookbook, we rediscover the pleasures of traditional French home cooking, conjured from the memories of the author and her family in the good old days before nouvelle cuisine and convenience food began to undermine it. All the great classic recipes are included, plus many lesser known treasures.

In the 1970s France was rocked by the nouvelle cuisine movement, which advocated healthier food and smaller meals. Restaurants on both sides of the Channel strove to outdo each other with beautiful presentation, complex ingredients and miniature portions. Traditional cooking was ignored. Recently, however, the tide has turned; and today's chefs, strongly supported by a jaded and hungry public, are now returning to the principles of traditional country cooking, as represented still in the majority of French homes.

Cuisine Grand-mère, also known as cuisine bourgeoise or bonne femme, sums up this style of cookery; and Marie-Pierre Moine has included the best of traditional recipes, slightly improved and honed for today's health-conscious eaters.

The book describes all the basic techniques, like vinaigrette, béchamel and its relatives, stocks, mayonnaises and other sauces. The chapters then deal in turn with soups, hors d'oeuvre, famous hot entrées like quiche lorraine and croque-monsieur, fish and seafood, main courses including coq au vin, boeuf bourguignon and cassoulet, vegetables and salads, and a range of familiar and less familiar puddings – mousse au chocolat, tarte Tatin, profiteroles, gateaux and ice Cream. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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