Cuisine and Art of Pueblo Bonito Cookbook: Mexico Hotels

The Cuisine and Art of Pueblo Bonito Cookbook shares the hotels' art along with some favorite recipes from Mexico's Pueblo Bonito Hotels. Guests of the hotels will enjoy recreating the meals from their stay. Try the Crispy Coconut-Battered Jumbo Shrimp with Sweet Mango Dipping Sauce, the Marlin Tacos or the Pan Seared Salmon with Black Relish. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 118 pages 

Copyright: 2004. First edition 

Publisher: Pueblo Bonito Hotels & Resorts - Mexico

Author: Ernesto Coppel and Joyce Schelling 

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Description: The desire for art and beauty in life is a universal urge. And fine food, beautifully presented, nurtures both our bodies and our spirits. The works of art expressed in this book are an homage to the expression of that divine desire for beauty and to the graciousness that true works of art impart to their surroundings. Each was selected for its attunement to the ambiance and spirit of the place that is their home. 

The recipes we have included represent the eclectic tastes of our treasured guests at Pueblo Bonito and of the chefs that serve them. Welcome to the Cuisine and Art of Pueblo Bonito. 


Condition: Opening blank page has length inscription in ink. Further good condition. 

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