Cucina del Mar Cookbook - Fish and Seafood Italian Style

Chef Evan Kleiman's Cucina del Mar cookbook offers cooks 225 delectable recipes for fish and seafood Italian style. Easy-to-follow recipes for seafood pasta dishes and more are all part of this wonderful cookbook and "treasure of the sea." 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 320 pages. First edition 

Copyright: 1993 

Publisher: William Morrow & Company, Inc. 

Author: Evan Kleiman 

ISBN: 9780688099169

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Description: Once again chef and cookbook author Evan Kleiman brings her enormous vitality and imagination to the art of cooking Italian in Cucina del Mar cookbook, this time conjuring up the magic of fish and seafood Italian style. 

Surrounded on three sides by water, Italy thrives on the bounty of the sea (mare in Italian). Drawing inspiration from coastal towns throughout the country, Kleiman provides more than 225 luscious recipes for every kind of course, all showcasing her trademark talent for turning simple, fresh ingredients into sumptuous dishes with a minimum of effort and expense. 

Here are great starters like Grilled Fish Salad on Bruschetta,Seafood Caponata, Steamed Clams in White Wine, along with fish soups and stews. You'll find pasta and seafood combined in dozens of ways (Fusilli with Scallops; Fettuccine with Shrimp, Artichokes, and Leeks) and great rice dishes like Risotto with Mussels and Porcini. Expect skewered and barbecued fish of all kinds; simple-as-can-be baked fish; fried fish; braised fish; and all the savory pastes, sauces, and dressings that give them life. Simple recipes like Swordfish with Lemon-Oregano Bath are ready to serve in less than half an hour; others like Mussels with Pesto Stuffing are nearly instant. 

The chapter on fish salads includes an Italian-style Nicoise, Rice Salad with Seafood, and a salad of watercress and shrimp. The chapter on indispensable accompaniments offers such appealing fare as Garlicky Mashed Potatoes and Orange and Red Onion Salad with Olives. 

Throughout the book are easy-to-follow guidelines for buying, cleaning, and preparing fish and shellfish, from the perfect fillet for broiling, to the meatiest small fish for baking, to the most savory seafood for soups and stews. Recipes are versatile and work with different types of fish; alternative suggestions are offered in nearly every recipe. All are easy to make and have found a contented audience among the clients at Evan's Los Angeles restaurants. 

So if you thought that great Italian cooking just meant pasta, and that preparing fish was just too demanding, Cucina del Mare is sure to change your mind. And delight your palate in the bargain. 


Condition: Good condition. Dust jacket has some creases and wear at edges. 

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