The Crystal Cruises Cookbook: Signed Edition

The Crystal Cruises Cookbook is signed by Executive Chef Franz Weiss. Recreate the magic and nostalgia of your Crystal Cruises dining experiences with the help of this cookbook. The book has some stunning photos of the prepared dishes and some of the locales. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 171 pages. 

Copyright: 1999 

Publisher: Crystal Cruises 

Author: Andre Soltner 

ISBN: 9780967503202

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Description: The fine cuisine of Crystal Cruises has received the highest awards from gourmet critics, and enjoys the consistent praise of our guests. The Crystal Cruises Cookbook presents some of the highlights of our repertoire: the dishes that have become our guests' favorites, the recipes of which we are most proud. Each is a product of the unique talents of our culinary team, chefs trained in the skills and secrets of classic French cuisine. 

Yet each is also inspired by the wide world through which we travel. As our chefs sail the seven seas, they encounter regional cooking styles, exotic ingredients, and local people that are an endless source of ideas and creative guidance. As the legendary Andre Soltner has observed, "The chef-artists of Crystal Cruises have access to the best recipes and ingredients in the world -- no kitchen anywhere on earth has this great advantage, which constantly raises them to new creative heights." 

Over time our chefs have evolved their own vision of the world, which they express in a unique cooking style. This very special cuisine has garnered enthusiastic support of top chefs and culinary authorities. Andre Soltner, Barbara Tropp, Jacques Pepin, Wolfgang Puck, and Charles Dale regularly hold cooking demonstrations and prepare Guest Chef Dinners aboard our ships. What is more, each of these distinguished chefs has contributed a recipe to our book showing their respect for our culinary standards. 

Following Crystal Harmony and Crystal Symphony as they sail the globe, The Crystal Cruises Cookbook showcases the recipes we serve in five exotic regions. It brings you the luscious ingredients and distinctive character of each locale, as interpreted by the master chefs of Crystal Cruises. By evoking in words and images the culinary experience aboard our ships, we would like to rekindle some of the great meals, friendships, and memories of cruises past, and help you embark on countless new culinary journeys of your own. 

Bon voyage...and bon appetit! 


Condition: Good condition. Light shelf wear on dust jacket's top edge. 

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