You Can Do Anything With Crepes Cookbook

Here's a cookbook of recipes for a versatile food loved around the world. You Can Do Anything With Crepes cookbook brings you crepes with fillings of all sorts – from sweet to savory. Just thinking about these deliciously thin pancakes makes your mouth water. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 174 pages. 

Copyright: 1970 

Publisher: Simon and Schuster 

Author: Virginia Pasley and Jane Green 

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Description: Crepes make elegant party fare. They make economical family meals. In fact, you can do anything with crepes. 

Make a batch of these versatile thin French pancakes today. Tuck them in your freezer or refrigerator. It's like money in the bank when you're wondering: "What shall I have for dinner?" Or lunch or brunch or supper. Even for breakfast. 

Main course crepes: Here are dozens of delectable fillings -- with chicken or beef or ham or lamb or veal or seafood. Entertaining a crowd? Make a big dish of Crepes with Chicken, Ham and Mushrooms topped with a creamy sauce. Add a salad, rolls, dessert -- and you're everyone's favorite cook! 

Appetizers: Try deliciously different Crepes Quiche -- with bacon or ham or crabmeat. Another good finger food: stacked crepes cut in wedges with spicy pizza filling between the layers. 

Desserts: Why Crepes Suzette were invented -- to be the most famous and luscious dessert in the world. But the kids might vote for Chocolate Crepes Tarts or a Strawberry Crepe Souffle or even those easy Candy Bar Crepes. 

There's no end to the variety -- and the fun -- when you start delving into this biggest, best collection of crepes recipes ever. There are even hints on how to invent your own crepe recipe. Why not? You can do anything with crepes. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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