Creole Cooking The Taste of Tropical Islands

Creole Cooking, The Taste of Tropical Islands cookbook brings you authentic traditional and modern recipes from the sun-drenched islands o the Caribbean. Included is an illustrated glossary of all the exotic ingredients, with alternatives provided. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 128 pages. 

Copyright: 2003 

Publisher: Chartwell Book Sales 

Author: Sue Mullen 

ISBN: 9781555219093

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Description: Creole cooking is the cuisine of the hundreds of islands making up the West Indies and Caribbean. The natural abundance of exotic, fiery, and savory flavors available on the islands has been exploited as far back as the times of the indigenous Amerindians, and subsequent African, Spanish, French, British, Indian, and Indonesian influences have resulted in an explosive cuisine, rich in variety, color and taste. In this century, tourism has greatly accelerated the spread of Creole cooking outside the islands, and this exciting culinary art can easily be perfected far from the sun-drenched islands where it originated. 

Creole cuisine is one of the most diverse on earth, and a glossary at the beginning of Creole Cooking describes, with illustrations, a wide range of perhaps lesser-known fruits, vegetables and spices, which are used in any number of combinations and dishes. The recipes are introduced by a selection of exotic, familiar, and unusual Cocktails, Daiquiries, Coladas, Punches, Smoothies and Batidos, followed by a list of mouth-watering Appetizers. A section on Salads put into action almost every possible ingredient -- fruits, vegetables, spices, as well as fish, chicken and meats, and this is followed by a variety of hot and cold island Soups, The Fish and Seafood recipes include all manner of fish, and the chapters on Poultry and Meats are just as varied. A separate section is dedicated to Jerked dishes -- a culinary art specific to Creole cooking. Side dishes, again, include such diverse ingredients as yuca, tubers, and fruits, and the book rounds off with a selection of irresistible and surprising Desserts. 

There is something for every occasion in this book, whether a light snack, a drinks party or an extensive, multi-course feast. The exotic and adventurous recipes are easy to put together, with the emphasis on healthy, fresh, flavor-rich dishes, and the results are delicious and a delight to the eye. With Sue Mullin's guidance, Creole Cooking cookbook brings the idyllic Caribbean lifestyle that bit closer to home. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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