Encyclopedia of Creative Cuisine Cookbook

Encyclopedia of Creative Cuisine Cookbook shares "Cuisine Vivante" recipes, nearly 250 dishes in all. This is one of the most comprehensive cookbooks with this style of cooking that offers high levels of visual flair. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 352 pages. 

Copyright: 1986 

Publisher: Chartwell Books, Inc. 

Author: Hilary Walden 

ISBN: 9781555210908

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Description: Cuisine Vivante is a new and rapidly evolving style of cooking that offers unprecedented levels of aesthetic and gastronomic pleasure to the diner. It is a style of cooking in which presentation plays an integral role, with dishes receiving a precise and highly original treatment that not only looks superb but also gives full expression to the care and attention lavished on the preparation and to the individual characteristics of the main ingredients.  

The essence of this exciting new cuisine can best be described as a concern for freshness, lightness and elegance of presentation -- a creative, intelligent simplicity at odds with the elaborate grandeur of traditional haute cuisine. There is nothing new about the principle of cooking ingredients at the peak of condition in such a way as to present their flavor to maximum effect. Indeed, it is one of the fundamental tenets of all Japanese cooking. What is new is the combination of this principle with an almost revolutionary re-awakening of the concept of food as a visual as well as a gastronomic pleasure. The principle of sympathetic cooking of ingredients to give full expression to their individual flavors is extended within Cuisine Vivante to the art of presentation. The 'look' of food is as important as its taste, the 'eye' must be as satisfied as the 'palate'. 

Within the covers of creative cuisine you will find the most comprehensive embodiment yet of this style of cooking. With nearly 250 dishes (divided into the traditional categories of first courses, soups, salads, fish and shellfish, meat dishes, poultry and game, vegetable dishes and desserts) the recipe section represents an unrivalled collection of tastes, textures, unique color and flavor progressions, innovative ingredient combinations, elegant and simple visual delights and much more. The selection is comprehensive but it is by no means conclusive, for the very essence of Cuisine Vivante is innovation and experimentation, and every day sees the range expanded. 

The basic techniques and preparations of Cuisine Vivante are thoroughly explained in an extensive introductory section which includes a vital analysis of the most widely used ingredients, expert advice on how to select only the freshest and best produce, the principles of simple and elaborate garnishes, lists of essential and optional kitchen utensils and useful advice on menu composition taking into account the seasonal availability of many ingredients. 

The final section of the book includes an extensive glossary of the terms, equipment, techniques and ingredients used in the recipes, and also indispensable conversion charts. 


Condition: Good condition with minor shelf wear. 

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