Black Tap Restaurant Cookbook Craft Burgers and Crazy Shakes

Inside the Craft Burgers and Crazy Shakes from Black Tap cookbook, you will find sensational recipes for burgers and shakes found at Black Tap, a burger restaurant based in New York City, Soho, Las Vegas, Downtown Disney Anaheim, and elsewhere. 


Format: Hardcover, 128 pages. 

Copyright: 2016

Publisher: Pam Krauss/Avery

Author:  Joe Isidori

ISBN: 9780735215450

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Description: Black Tap is no ordinary burger restaurant – and this is no ordinary cookbook. Inside, you'll find the signature recipes and techniques behind the bold gourmet burgers and sensational milkshakes that have had culinary thrill-seekers lining up around the block. 

With Craft Burgers and Crazy Shakes, you'll learn the ingredients that make Black Tap's award-winning Greg Norman Burger taste so good, the secret to the perfect fry (hint: they're easier to make than you think), and just how to get that donut or slice of birthday cake to balance perfectly atop your milkshake glass. 

So skip the line and head straight to the kitchen-it's time to get in on all the Black Tap action! 


Condition: Good condition. 

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