Country Inn Cooking with Gail Greco

Country Inn Cooking with Gail Greco is a companion cookbook to the Public Television series of the same name. Here are 220 recipes from popular inns and B&Bs across the United States. 


Format: Softcover, 263 pages. 

Copyright: 1995 

Publisher: Rutledge Hill Press 

Author: Gail Greco 

ISBN: 9781558533615

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Description: Whether enjoying historic recipes from the Virginia home of Thomas Jefferson's daughter, breakfast at a Victorian mansion on the Pacific Coast, or gourmet cuisine on an elegant New England farm, country inn dining is characterized by, in Gail Greco's words, "laughter, good friends, bountiful feasts, and heirloom memories."

Companion to the Public Television series, Country Inn Cooking with Gail Greco highlights the cooking of twenty-six country inns. It shows how to embrace country inn cooking at home -- cooking food with passion and pleasure and serving it with romance and good taste. 

In addition to more than 220 delicious recipes, this book contains instructions for culinary crafts. Included are warm pen-and-ink drawings. "Inns promote inventiveness and creativity that we can duplicate at home," says Greco. 

Country inn cooking is one of the newest trends in today's gourmet and country cuisine. Recipes from Rowell's Inn's "Twice-Baked Maple Yams" to Highland Lake Inn's "Three Birds Baked in a Pie" please the palate and nurture the soul. The dishes create fond memories and longings for a gentler time that beckon us back to warm hospitality and the good life -- the life of the country inn. 

Country Inn Cooking with Gail Greco contains the work of some of the most creative and innovative chefs in America, and the recipes reflect the personalities of the inns and their chefs. These arc dishes you and your guests will enjoy. Most of the recipes have been featured on the television series, in which the author and the chefs of the inns provide colorful, detailed explanations for selected recipes. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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