Cooking With Nuts

Cooking With Nuts is for nut lovers with tried and true recipes from friends and family of author Dorothy Frank. Chapters are arranged by nut type. There are full sections of recipes for Cashew, Chestnuts, Macadamia, Pecan, Walnut and many other nut types. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 242 pages 

Copyright: 1979 

Publisher: Random House Value Publishing 

Author: Dorothy C. Frank 

ISBN: 9780517537275

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Description: From sublimely simple Pecan Pie to such exotic delights as Chicken with Coconut and Carrots, here is an informative and beautifully illustrated collection of nut recipes and nutlore. Cooking with Nuts has something for everyone. Vegetarians, nutritionists, budget watchers, and gourmet chefs will welcome the many delectable uses for nuts this book reveals.  

Nuts emphatically disprove the notion that "if it tastes good it has to be bad for you." This delicious food is an important source of protein, minerals, and vitamins, and contains plant sterols that have been shown to reduce cholesterol. Costly and elegant or inexpensive and homey, nuts can be a quick energy snack on their own, an inspired team with fruits and grains, or a delicious addition to almost any kind of food. With a little imagination they can flavorfully embellish the most elaborate dishes and even participate in ingenious main-course substitutes for meat. 

In Cooking with Nuts, food expert Dorothy Frank goes from soups (Walnut-Mushroom Bisque) to nuts (Sugared Almonds) with mouth-watering recipes for Chestnut Stroganoff, Pistachio Meringue Torte, Black Walnut Cookies, and more. She is equally at ease with appetizers, main courses, desserts, and snacks, and her directions are marvelously concise and easy to follow throughout. You will learn how filberts, coconuts, pistachio nuts, pine nuts, macadamias, and other nuts can transform soups, salads, and sauces, or add brilliance to vegetable dishes, meats, poultry, and fish. These recipes will help you turn breakfast breads into scrumptious eye-opening feasts and create irresistible morsels- spiced, barbecued, sugared dainties -- that will introduce you to snacking at its very best. 

This carefully researched text is no mere collection of recipes. Chapter introductions cover the derivation, history, uses, procedures for the packaging, storage, and preparation of nuts. Helpful information about, for instance, equivalent amounts in cups and pounds of many different kinds of nuts is included. 

No matter how you slice, dice, blanch, chop, grind, toast, salt, sweeten, pickle, spice, or devil it, the nut is a marvel of versatility and good eating. Cooking with Nuts is as irresistible as nuts. 


Condition: Jacket has a small tear. Further good condition. 

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