Cooking from the Garden Cookbook

With 180 recipes inspired by a blend of two favorite pastimes, Cooking from the Garden cookbook showcases creative gardening and contemporary cuisine with tips from leading experts such as Alice Waters and Diana Kennedy. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 547 pages 

Copyright: 1988 

Publisher: Sierra Club Books 

Author: Rosalind Creasy 

ISBN: 9780871567314

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Description: With Cooking from the Garden, Rosalind Creasy transforms the way America cooks and gardens. Comprehensive, practical, and inspiring, this lavishly illustrated presentation integrates, as no other book has done before, the satisfactions of the garden with the pleasures of the table. 

Cooking from the Garden is the first book to truly marry gardening and cooking. Here Creasy extends the boundaries of the traditional garden, offering the home gardener a menu of seventeen theme gardens, from Italian, French, and Oriental to Edible Flower, Heirloom, and Gourmet Salad. These gardens combine unique vegetable varieties with time-tested favorites to enable the ambitious cook to become a creative culinary artist. With a cornucopia of delicious, fresh produce harvested from the theme gardens, as well as expert advice from master chefs and gardeners, Creasy shows how to achieve an entirely new dimension in flavorful cooking. The 180 taste-tempting recipes presented range from old-time favorites such as seafood gumbo and Boston baked beans to international dishes, including tempura, ratatouille, and baked chiles rellenos, and to intriguing avant-garde fare, such as ricotta-stuffed zucchini flowers and lavender vichyssoise. Featuring personal profiles and a wealth of valuable tips from America's leading chefs and gardeners, from Alice Waters and Diana Kennedy to John Jeavons and Vicki Sebastiani, Cooking from the Garden celebrates the best in creative gardening and contemporary cuisine. 

Each chapter presents a specific theme garden and includes a list of recommended vegetable varieties, profiles of expert chefs and gardeners, a cooking section with information on cooking techniques and ingredients for the particular cuisine, and delicious recipes from contributing chefs and from the author's own test kitchen. More than 170 full-color photographs appear throughout the book, showing the beauty of the gardens and the variety of fresh produce they yield. 

  • Part One, Traditional Gardens, includes chapters on Heirloom, Baked Bean, Native American, Chili, Grain, Cajun, and Burpee All-Time-Favorites gardens, reflecting our American cooking heritage and the various growing climates across the country.
  • Part Two, International Gardens, features Italian, French, German, Mexican, and Oriental gardens, emphasizing vegetable varieties and cuisines from around the world.
  • Part Three, Avant-Garde Gardens, includes Rainbow, Spa, Culinary Herb, Gourmet Salad, and Edible Flower gardens, reflecting the newest approaches to food now emerging, with an emphasis on health and nutrition.
  • An Encyclopedia of Superior Vegetables includes information on how to grow, harvest, and preserve some of our most popular vegetables and herbs.
  • Resources and References presents details on planting and maintenance, pests and diseases, nurseries and seed companies, and mail-order gardening and cooking suppliers; an annotated bibliography; and a comprehensive index.


Condition: Bookboards, interior pages and dust jacket are in very nice condition. Dust jacket 's book spine shows a slight discoloration and back cover has a very light scratch mark. 

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