Cooking Dutch with Caloric Cookbook

Cooking Dutch with Caloric cookbook contains over 550 Pennsylvania Dutch recipes for all meals. Rosina Boi, Noodle and Prune Mummix, Funnel Cakes and many other favorites from the region can be found inside this cookbook from Caloric company. 


Format: Paperback, 240 pages 

Copyright: 1979. Third printing 

Publisher: The Benjamin Company, Inc. 

Author: Ruth Hutchison 

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Description: Caloric is delighted to make this cookbook available especially for you, a Caloric product owner. These tested recipes represent hundreds of years of cooking experience. Some originate from the time of the earliest immigration to the "New Land." 

Most of the recipes contain ingredients readily available on the Pennsylvania Dutch farm. Eggs, meats, and vegetables were abundant. Chicken Corn Soup is a perfect example of "fresh from the farm" cooking. Dishes such as sauerkraut represent the honest efforts of a proud but poor man to keep his family fed. 

The tastes and aromas of Pennsylvania Dutch cooking whet the appetite of even the most sophisticated urban gourmet. New cooking and taste adkentures await you as you try such local favoritep as Rivvel Supp, Schnitz un Kneppe, and Shoofly Pie. `You'll find that all the recipes in this book will help you I"get to know what good is!" 


Condition: Cover and interior pages are in good condition. 

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