COOKING by James Peterson - Over 500 pages

COOKING is a cookbook by James Peterson that features 600 recipes, 1,500 photographs with many step-by-step photos, and one kitchen education. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 534 pages. 

Copyright: 2007 

Publisher: Ten Speed Press 

Author: James Peterson 

ISBN: 9781580087896

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Description: After two decades of teaching the fundamentals of home cooking, award-winning author James Peterson has distilled a career's worth of knowledge into one master class: COOKING. Through more than 600 recipes illustrated by 1,500 instructional photographs, Peterson removes the mysteries of the kitchen with unassuming charm, expert direction, and a prevailing sense of how people want to cook today. 

Beginning with a concise overview of the ten basic cooking methods -- roasting, sauteing, braising, poaching, steaming, frying, grilling, smoking, barbecuing, and boiling -- Peterson's gift for teaching technique and his passion for his craft draw out the intuitive cook in everyone. 

The recipes cover the basics that often vex home cooks, ranging from roasted chicken, grilled steak, and braised fish to caesar salad, mashed potatoes and gravy, roasted beets, classic pizza, and berry pie. A broad selection of more challenging recipes covers starters, sides, entrees, breads, and desserts. Highlights include: 

  • Crab Cakes  
  • Hot-and-Sour Soup  
  • Moroccan Chicken Tagine 
  • Salade Nicoise 
  • Mussels Steamed in White Wine 
  • Roasted Leg of Lamb 
  • Pork Tenderloins with Mushroom Sauce 
  • Salmon Teriyaki 
  • Shrimp Curry 
  • Leek Gratin 
  • Handmade Ravioli with Butter, Walnuts, and Sage 
  • Whole-Wheat Bread  
  • Focaccia with Olives and Onions 
  • Lemon Meringue Pie 
  • Devil's Food Cake 
  • Biscotti 

Throughout, Peterson's illuminating and inspiring photographs reveal frame by frame how to execute kitchen procedures, such as how to cut up a chicken, shuck an oyster, prepare a whole fish for roasting, improvise a pan sauce, trim an artichoke, and ice a cake. 

Whether you are a food lover who finds it challenging to fit real cooking into your routine, you are a skilled home cook looking to expand your repertoire, or you are a self-described kitchen hazard who wants to learn the basics, COOKING instills confidence in the kitchen. 


Condition: Bottom side of book's pages has a pen streak (as seen when book is shut). Dust jacket has some light scratches and minor rubbing. Interior good condition. Further, good condition. Price was reduced accordingly--this is a $40 cookbook.

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