Cooking Alaskan - Alaska Magazine Cookbook

Cooking Alaskan - Alaska Magazine Cookbook is a regional cookbook with over 1,500 recipes from Alaskan cooks. The volume is divided into "books" or sections of waters, field and forest, earth, and cupboard. 


Format: Softcover, 500 pages. 

Copyright: 1983 

Publisher: Alaska Northwest Publishing Company 

Author: Editors and Friends of ALASKA Magazine 

ISBN: 9780882402376

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Description: Cooking Alaskan cookbook is an effort to organize and to share how Alaskan cooks use Alaskan foods. For the most part, the major ingredient of the cookbook's more than 1,500 recipes is Alaskan grown or bred. The great abundance and variety of that homegrown food is represented in the first three "books" or sections of the volume. The first part of the book is titled From the Waters; the second is From Field and Forest; the third is "From the Earth; and lastly is a section called From Cache and Cupboard


Condition: Good condition. Covers have some light wear on cover's edges and corners . 

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