The Stinking Rose Restaurant Cookbook: San Francisco and Beverly Hills

The Stinking Rose Restaurant Cookbook - San Francisco and Beverly Hills, California, contains recipes from the popular restaurant that serves up garlic-based dishes. Its California-Italian cuisine is renowned. Inside this cookbook, you'll find 65 of tastiest recipes.


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 168 pages.

Copyright: 2006. First Printing 

Publisher: Ten Speed Press 

Author: Andrea Froncillo with Jennifer Jeffrey 

ISBN: 9781580086868

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Description: At the Stinking Rose, a dazzling array of chandeliers hangs from the ceiling, pictures of Italian movie stars plaster the walls, and the sounds of Frank Sinatra float above the hum and clatter. And through it all wafts the distinctive, savory aroma of garlic. Lots of garlic. 

Between the flagship restaurant in San Francisco and its Beverly Hills successor, the Stinking Rose serves up more than 3,000 pounds of garlic each month. Now, The Stinking Rose Restaurant Cookbook brings it all home: the fun, the flavor, and -- turn on the fans -- the fragrance. 

Garlic worshippers everywhere will enjoy the hearty California-Italian fare created by executive chef Andrea Froncillo. Combining flavors of the southern coast of Italy with those from the garlic fields of Gilroy, Froncillo serves up 65 of the restaurant's most popular recipes, including: 

  • Creamy Garlic-Spinach Cheese Fondue
  • Arugula, Cherry Tomato, Basil & Smoked Mozzarella Pipettes
  • Pasta with Butternut Squash, Fried Sage & Garlic Chips
  • Pork Chops with Garlic Relish & Caramelized Apples
  • Garlic-Roasted Killer Crab

There's even a recipe for -- brace your-self -- Garlic Ice Cream! Die-hard garlic fiends as well as those who prefer just a subtle hint of the bulb will find plenty of inspiration in the recipes and glamor shots of this garlic lover's mecca. So, go ahead: eat, drink, and be stinky! 


Condition: Good condition. 

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